Small things you can take on a trip

If you’re going to travel, here are some things you won’t need that will put a heavy burden on your body. I’m sure these tools are a must-have for you.

1.Water bottle

You can’t imagine a trip without a water bottle, because you always have to walk. Walking too long and too far can lead to dehydration, which can be life-threatening, so be sure to take a shower.

2.Toothpaste brush

Bad breath may make you uncomfortable. Therefore, you will need a small amount of toothpaste to brush when you may need to brush your teeth. Maybe there is no store nearby when you need to buy toothpaste. Toothbrushes can be expensive to buy at the store


A pharmacy is one of the must-have items in your bag. Every traveler somehow carries a small and a large pharmacy in his bag. Maybe a pharmacy can help you with a headache that makes you uncomfortable walking too much. Don’t forget the bandages and headaches


When it’s cold underneath and your socks accidentally get wet, it’s very difficult to walk very uncomfortably. You better go with the next plan. A traveler with a cold below may not be able to see much more comfortably.


There are many people in the world who have survived thanks to the compass. I want you to be prepared for potential risks as well. The compass will be your best friend when you lose your way, whether it’s dark or day. You must get it.


A hot day or a windy cold day will help your truth. If you don’t have a hat, bright sunlight will shine in your eyes.


If you don’t travel on time, your love time may be wasted. Of course, there would be no time travel. When choosing a time, I recommend that you choose a time that is suitable for a water-resistant trip.


Even if you’re comfortable with a long flight, skipping a song or movie without headphones will make you feel like you’re slowing down. We recommend that you carry two headphones. Avoid Bluetooth headsets when choosing headphones. I recommend you an iPod.


If you do not know the language of the destination country, you will need a small travel mirror. You are hungry. I’m lost. Please help me. It is good to know that word.


Carrying gloves may not be a problem. Because gloves are your best friend. Your gloves will help you when you have a cold or something that is difficult to hold.


Goggles do not take up much space. They will protect you from the sun and dust from the wind.

12.Loose money

Most markets do not use cards, so it is best to keep cash close to you. It’s a pity that just because you have a card, you don’t have any souvenirs to remind you of that country.

13.Ready foods

We offer dry and ready-to-eat food on your calorie-free site when you’re closed and you’re starving. Ready-made food will protect your mouth and travel.

+bonus my advice

Be sure to use a table and chairs while traveling.

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