VR is changing the travel and gaming industry!

If you do not know what VR is, it’s time to get acquainted with it. VR stands for Virtual Reality, and it has been making big progress over the years.

While a few years ago it used to be not as realistic, nowadays, companies such as Valve and Oculus are spending more and more time and money into perfecting the device.

Sometimes it can feel so real that in Virtual Reality it might feel like you are living in your current everyday life. However, there are still things to improve and fine tune before it can replace most of our digital products such as phones and computers.

In the future, the question might actually become how real should companies and developers make their products in an ethical sense because video games can become so real that it might actually cause some psychological changes in the brain, so it’s still up for question.

Besides just sight there are other important factors to consider such as being comfortable and having the proper environment to enjoying the experience. Such as having comfortable seats, gaming chairs, and being safe.

VR in the travel industry

VR will be hugely popular in the travel industry specifically because people would want to relax and get away to different destinations. However, unlike traditional travel where you have to board a plane and go through the process, you could just turn on your VR device and travel to anywhere in the world.

While some people do still prefer the traditional way of travel of actually feeling everything and immersing themselves in the experience, many people will opt to take the easier route. However, it probably will improve the travel industry and push for the improvement in travel.

When music became available on the internet for free, there were people who were against free music because they thought that it would hurt their bottom line, however, over they years it has proved to be the opposite. People have book more shows and bought tour tickets. It has actually allowed people to develop interest in their artists, and the ultimate experience is to actually enjoy the music with their whole 5 senses, so it might be just like that.

The more people experience travel and at least get a glimpse of it they will want to actually travel and experience everything with their five senses, so it could be a stepping stone into what could be possible in the future.

VR in the gaming industry

Gaming has been the forefront of technological advancement. As more and more consumers are getting into the habit of casual gaming, there will be more research and development into improving the experience of gaming.

People are joining not only game lobbies but casual lobbies with their own avatars and connecting with people all over the world. It is bringing up endless possibilities for what people can do.

However, there is the concern of whether gaming should be as realistic as possible especially in first person shooters and other types of games that are violent in nature. People might actually develop PTSD and other forms of psychological trauma due to how real it may be.

But the overall trend is optimistic and hopeful.

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