What To Bring When Traveling

Packing the right essential things when you are traveling is really important if you want to enjoy your holiday and have stress free vacation. It would surprise you how many people actually bring stuff that they don’t need or stuff that they could have bought at where they are traveling to.

Here are some ways that you can identify what you will need and what you won’t need when you traveling to a foreign destination.

Can you buy it there?

If you can buy it there, then don’t bring it. This includes minor small things that actually take up a lot of space. For example mouth wash, lotion, sunscreen etc. Instead save the space and use it for something else that is important.

Not having comfortable SHOES!

This is really important. If you are going to walking around for many hours, then please take good care of your feet. Your body is not used to walking around that much especially if you have an office job and don’t stand around as much.

My best recommendation are sturdy and thick soled shoes that are made for various functions: https://palladiumbootsreviews.com/

Folding things Correctly!

If you reorganize the stuff in your suitcase in a proper and organized matter, you will find that there is plenty of space to pack more things. Instead of throwing all your clothes and junk without considering the spacial volume they take, try taking the air out of them.

When you take the air out of your items, it actually becomes a lot smaller and manageable.

Bringing unnecessary Stuff

You don’t need to bring your whole wardrobe to the country you are visiting. Just have some common sense and pack stuff that you might actually find useful. For example, if you are traveling to hot country, you won’t usually need a sweater. If you are going to cold country, then you won’t need a swimsuit etc.

Instead of packing for what IF, ask yourself the question What Can I Not Go Without? Then if you have extra space in your luggage, you can choose some clothes and items that would be nice to bring but necessary.

What About More Suitcases?

You could bring more suitacases for you travel, however do know that you are the one who will be carrying that around with you.

If you have cab or perhaps traveling with a group, then it is an option, but if you are traveling by yourself, carrying around 2-3 suitcases all by yourself can be a difficult process. Trust me, I have been there!

You should bring a travel backpack if you need to divide your clothes and items into different compartments. You backpack or carry-on luggage should have the essential items for your travel whereas the suitcase should be the stuff that you put most of your non-essentials in.

Of course losing your suitcase sucks, but in case you do lose it, you should at least not worry about losing your laptop, passport, wallet, camera etc. Because those valuable belongings should be traveling with you and only you instead of being separated.

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