5 Tips for Maintaining Travel Hygiene

We all know how important it is to wash our hands on a regular basis to avoid illness and the spread of diseases. However, most people take for granted that the surfaces we touch on while traveling remain clean. The fact is that we simply do not spend enough time keeping these surfaces germ free. Our hands become so used to reaching up and down that they become used to reaching on various surfaces. Even when washing our hands by running the dishwasher or washing them in the shower we use our hands. As a result, we are not removing all the germs from our skin and hands.

When traveling, it is especially important to keep yourself clean by taking advantage of travel hygiene hand showers. It’s much less costly and much less stressful to take advantage of showering rather than using a bath tub or handspray. Traveling clothes like pants, skirts and shirts should be washed as soon as possible. If you are traveling with children, then feel good about taking them to a daycare center where they can learn to have confidence in you by bathing their own dirty clothes.

In addition to traveling, if you are ever at the mercy of an unruly child who has diarrhea or vomiting, you will want to utilize travel hygiene products like sanitizing wipes. Sanitizing wipes are easy to make. Simply find an absorbent cloth such as a paper towel or woolen sock. Cut a piece of thin cardboard into the correct size and shape so it will fit inside the socks/dresses. Then fold the piece of cardboard up so it is short like a letter and place inside the pocket of your clothing.

If you are traveling with another person, then you will want to purchase another piece of absorbent material and place this within your luggage. This way they can each take a piece of the cloth and place it inside their suitcase along with their own toothbrush or other personal items. These small pieces of cloth will be used to help maintain hygiene while traveling. You will be amazed at how well many people actually keep their personal items fresh and clean when you provide them with travel hygiene products to use while on the road.

When you are away from home, it is easy to fall into the habit of touching things that should be brushed or rinsed with soap. Even though you may think that you need to brush your teeth or wash your hands after using the bathroom, it is always better to practice good hygiene practices every day. Even if you travel frequently, you should make a point of brushing your teeth on a daily basis and rinsing with antibacterial hand sanitizer at least once before leaving home. If you fail to do this, then you will increase the risk of catching some sort of disease while you are abroad. Traveling with children can be particularly difficult because children tend to touch objects that adults should not, therefore increasing the risk of passing on disease to each other.

Use Face Mask

A face mask can also prove to be very useful when you are traveling abroad. Some individuals have the tendency to hold their breath, therefore allowing germs and bacteria from the outside to enter your body. To fight this, you should make it a point to keep your mouth and nose clear of any foreign material that could cause an infection. A simple solution for this is to wear a face mask which will not allow any viruses or bacteria to enter your body. You can find these masks in a variety of sizes, but be sure that they fit well and do not slip over your nose or mouth.

Along with ensuring that you take a constant care of your body by practicing travel hygiene, it is important to avoid bringing any items with you that can cause an infection while traveling. One of these items includes nail clippers or a pair of nail scissors. When you travel, you have no way of knowing whether the items that you are bringing will cause an infection, so it is imperative that you only bring items with you that you can guarantee are not contaminated with germs and bacteria. Many people forget about these items when packing for a trip, but do not realize just how important this is until they get sick. Be sure to include a pair of nail clippers in your travel hygiene kit, so that you do not end up in the emergency room having to have surgery.

Toiletry Hygiene

If you are planning on bringing along a toothbrush and some antibacterial wipes with you when you travel, you should pack them properly. A good rule of thumb when packing antibacterial wipes is to pack one smaller size of wipe in each wheeled bag that you carry. Another important thing to remember is that you should not pack any toilet paper with you, because chances are that you will use the toilet paper before you get to your destination. To avoid having problems like this, you should make it a point to always buy enough toilet paper for your entire trip. It is also a good idea to have a small bottle of hand sanitizer handy as well, in case your hotel ever has a problem with the toilet paper.

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