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St. Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is one of the most historically and culturally rich cities of Russia. While Moscow is beautiful in its own right, Sain Petersburg is THE destination you must visit when you are in travelling through Russia.


5 Tips for Maintaining Travel Hygiene

We all know how important it is to wash our hands on a regular basis to avoid illness and the spread of diseases. However, most people take for granted that the surfaces we touch on while traveling remain clean. The fact is that we simply do not spend enough time keeping these surfaces germ free. […]

Short-Term vs Long-Term Travel Plans

Everyone would agree that traveling is one of the best and enjoyable experiences you can get. Obviously, except for the tiring and boring planning and preparation, the actual traveling part is the fun. However, without good and sufficient planning and preparation, you won’t likely to enjoy the trip as much as you wanted. Therefore, it […]

Small things you can take on a trip

If you’re going to travel, here are some things you won’t need that will put a heavy burden on your body. I’m sure these tools are a must-have for you. 1.Water bottle You can’t imagine a trip without a water bottle, because you always have to walk. Walking too long and too far can lead […]

VR is changing the travel and gaming industry!

If you do not know what VR is, it’s time to get acquainted with it. VR stands for Virtual Reality, and it has been making big progress over the years. While a few years ago it used to be not as realistic, nowadays, companies such as Valve and Oculus are spending more and more time […]

8 Essential Tips for Traveling Digital Entrepreneurs

If you are a traveling entrepreneur who is always on the road, then here are some tips that might help you with your journey. Portability is Important You want clothes, laptops, and equipment that are portable. Lugging around heavy things when you are traveling is not fun. Unless you have the financial means to get […]

7 Simple Tips for Hiking You Must Know!

Thinking of doing a hiking trip around your local nature park or going trekking for a few days? Then here are 7 simple tips that you should follow in order to get the most out of your experience! Prepare Your Route Don’t get lost and confused during your trip! Make sure to plan and prepare […]

What To Bring When Traveling

Packing the right essential things when you are traveling is really important if you want to enjoy your holiday and have stress free vacation. It would surprise you how many people actually bring stuff that they don’t need or stuff that they could have bought at where they are traveling to. Here are some ways […]

Business Ideas When Travelling, Why Travel and Business Goes Hand in Hand

Travelling is not just limited to sightseeing and leisure time, because if you are a serious investor, or a businessman, you can find opportunities wherever you go. If you have expanded your mind and opened up your perspective as to how you see the world, there are many possible business ideas that are you can […]

Unusual Tips for First Time Travellers

If you are planning a trip around the world, the best recommendation is to take a two year trip around the world. When you travel to different countries, you are learning from a new culture, a new mindset. Here are a few tips to prepare yourself and make the most out of your travel journey. […]

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