8 Essential Tips for Traveling Digital Entrepreneurs

If you are a traveling entrepreneur who is always on the road, then here are some tips that might help you with your journey.

Portability is Important

You want clothes, laptops, and equipment that are portable. Lugging around heavy things when you are traveling is not fun. Unless you have the financial means to get a chauffer, a taxi, and other services that make travels easier, then you will have to budget. Which means traveling light will save you a lot of money.

Battery Life and Chargers

Battery is more important than anything if you will be on the road for a while. When you are on the road, it’s a chance to get some work done without distractions, but in some cases you won’t have chargers and outlets that you can charge your laptop or phone.

Which is why it is always recommended to carry with you powerbanks and extra batteries.

A Sturdy Backpack

This is an absolute must! You will need a sturdy backpack that is light and portable enough, but also well organized where you can find your stuff easily, so you need pockets and compartments where you can put different stuff in.

Quality backpacks are recommended for overall long term use, and it has to feel comfortable on your shoulders.

Computer Add-Ons / Equipment

A good functional mouse and a wireless keyboard that is comfortable to type on is going to increase your productivity many times over. When we are in the zone or in a flow state, that’s when work comes effortlessly without feeling like it’s a chore.

However for the present being, because of travel restrictions, you could try these: https://www.officehomeideas.com/

A Diary & Journal

You could write this on your computer of course, but there is something relaxing about journaling with a piece of paper and a pen. It gives you clarity and something to reflect back on when you are traveling.

A Good Camera or a Phone

Remember to capture the precious moments of your travel adventures. Nowadays phones are equipped with really good cameras, so a high end phone might be enough for taking pictures and vlogging.

You don’t necessarily have to put those photos and videos on social media, but they are fun to look at remember the moments.

Waterproof Jacket

It’s always good to prepared for the weather and the climate that you will be going to. A waterproof jacket is essential for almost any excursion. It will keep you dry and warm, or if you need to, you can use it to wrap around essential items from getting wet.

A Small Travel Bag

When you leave your hotel, you want to bring a small travel bag where you can put your valuable documents and items in. It doesn’t have to a big backpack, as long as it is comfortable and portable enough to not get in the way of your travel experience, you should get one of these.

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