Unusual Tips for First Time Travellers

If you are planning a trip around the world, the best recommendation is to take a two-year trip around the world. When you travel to different countries, you are learning from a new culture, a new mindset. Here are a few tips to prepare yourself and make the most out of your travel journey.

Live Like Them

Getting to know the language and culture of any country is the best start. Striving to talk to local people always makes a positive impression. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and talk incorrectly, because it is good practice, and connecting with the locals will open many doors and barriers.

Use Your Body Language

When you don’t know the local language that well, you have a fallback option. Using your body language is a universal language that everyone will understand. When out of words and don’t know how to ask where the store is, just point to something and connect the dots together so that you can get your point across to other people without much effort.

Be Money Savvy

If you think it will cost a lot to travel the world, you are mistaken because it can be a lot cheaper than you think. A bus ticket to a nearby country can cost you only 30 euros or less. If you find good deals online sometimes you can even find 1 euro deals if you sign up on a website newsletter or program.

Also hitchhiking is still a viable option. A lot of people are scared of hitchhiking but most people are friendly and will give a ride to someone who needs it from time to time. As long as you look and act like a normal person who is travelling, people sometimes will give you a ride to your destination.

Get Help From Locals

It is difficult to make friends in a country where you don’t speak the language or know much about the customs, so the best way to make new friends and get connected with others is to reach out to locals who are willing to help international people or join a Facebook group of international people who are living in a foreign country.

As long as you speak English, you should be able to make friends with other foreigners and those foreigners might be able to help you out with getting you connected with the locals since they might have had more experience. As long as you are open to meeting new people and perhaps a little extroverted, you won’t find it that difficult to meet people and get involved in the community.

If you are visiting France, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for suggestions and help.

Keep Your Passport Waterproof

You won’t believe how many times people make the mistake of keeping their passport without any protection. You need a waterproof bag and a cover to keep it from getting damaged.

It might sound so silly and common sense, but a lot of people forget the simplest of things and end up getting in trouble because they never imagined something so silly happening to them. However, something as silly as getting your passport wet while hiking out in the rain, can lead to many more problems.

Traveling Is More Than Just Pictures

A lot of people seem to travel just for the pictures and to show them off to friends or family, however, do not focus on the pictures too much and enjoy the moment. What is the point of traveling if you can’t enjoy the present moment and make experiences and memories rather than just images and videos?

Yes, do document your journey and perhaps create an Instagram account if you want to share with other people, but don’t let it get in the way of enjoying things.

Follow The Dog

Are you perhaps lost in the cities of Mexico City in between villages, or need a guide? Follow the dog! You might not believe it, but dogs know their surroundings and probably has a better understanding of where they are going than you do.

So if you are lost, follow the dog and perhaps it might just lead you to civilization. Dogs won’t just wander aimlessly without knowing where they are going, so think of it as a river. When you follow a river bank, you are bound to come across settlers who live close by.

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