7 Simple Tips for Hiking You Must Know!

Thinking of doing a hiking trip around your local nature park or going trekking for a few days? Then here are 7 simple tips that you should follow in order to get the most out of your experience!

Prepare Your Route

Don’t get lost and confused during your trip! Make sure to plan and prepare your route and where you are going. You would be surprised how many people actually get lost and get rescued because they went off course and to the wrong trail.

Bring The Right Tools

If you will be out on the country road for more than 1 day, then you must bring the proper right tools. Even if you are simply going for a hike in the countryside for a day, the right tools can save your life.


In the 21st century, you might be wondering why you need a compass? A compass will help you find your way in case you get lost for whatever reason. Sometimes you won’t have reception and if you run out of battery, then you are in a dire situation.

A compass does not require any batteries and it can be fitted into your pocket, it does not necessarily have to be big.


You won’t believe how dark it can get when you are away from any light source. Being able to find your way when it gets dark is very important. Light also is a good deterrent for many animals.

And Many Others

There are obviously many other things that you must keep in mind when you are hiking the outdoors.

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Wear Proper Clothing

You don’t want to be up in layers when the weather is going to be hot and dry. And you don’t want to be underdressed if the weather will be cold. While forecasts are not necessarily accurate all the time, they are pretty good at giving a rough idea.

But in case it rains, gets cold, or whatever, you do need a backup plan and pair of jeans, boots, sweater, coat, etc as in some cases the weather can drastically change in an instant.

Foods Dos and Don’ts

Non-perishable foods are best, or canned foods are also good. While you are not necessarily getting the most nutritious foods, such foods will last a while and you won’t have to go hungry.

Nuts, fruits, and water most importantly is something you must bring plenty of!!

Meat can go bad pretty easily, so it’s best to avoid such foods as if you get food poisoning, it can be life-threatening out in the wilderness if you are traveling by yourself.

Wear Good Pair of Boots

Since you will be walking through tough terrain, you need proper boots with good insoles. Depending on your arch, you need the proper fit.

Low medium-high arch all have unique characteristics, so while shopping make sure to ask the clerk for the proper size with the proper arch.

Bring a Camera / Diary

There is something about being out in nature and the mother earth that allows us to reflect and gain more insight about ourselves. It’s a great time to journal and take note of what you have learned.

Taking pictures or doing videos are pretty good as well. Just make sure to enjoy the experience and have fun with it.

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